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Galaxy of Stooges VINYL Reissue!

Record Record Label, a new imprint founded by Eric Warner of We Are Busy Bodies, is reissuing Galaxy of Stooges on VINYL for the first time! 

Producer Moe Berg, best known as the front man for Canadian rock legends The Pursuit of Happiness, says recording Galaxy of Stooges was “one of the best experiences of my life.”

“I still love the record and I wish it had made (The Monoxides) world famous rock superstars,” he says in the reissue’s liner notes. “Every song on it is so uniquely them, they had perfectly distilled their influences, both old and new, and I don’t think any other band could have made this record.”

The vinyl reissue of Galaxy of Stooges is limited to 300 copies and is due for release in record stores everywhere on August 25. 

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